Solon Legal Services: About Us

Solon Legal Services Ltd: About Us

Solon is here to provide private clients with a professional, user friendly and value for money estate planning service and also to work collaboratively and supportively with professional financial advisors.

Established by leading Manchester based estate planning practitioner John Welsby, Solon Legal Services Ltd provides estate planning services for members of the public and advice, support, training and supervision for professional financial advisors.

Advisors may wish to simply refer their clients to a service that they can have complete confidence in or alternatively they may wish to explore actively participating in providing that service.

Founder John Welsby has been a Will Writer and Estate Planning Practitioner for more than 15 years and is a committed and enthusiastic member of the Society of Will Writers.

Prior to the formation of Solon, John Welsby provided estate planning services predominantly to private clients referred by a network of professional financial advisors.

Clients concerned about their estate planning provisions (or lack of them) were for many years referred to the private practice “John Welsby Wills & Estate Planning” and offered home visits where they could discuss their requirements and receive advice.

Fixed fees would be agreed in advance of any actions and then the drafting of legal documents and undertaking of associated actions would be delivered.

These principles of working with clients in whatever way is most convenient and relaxed for them and of agreeing fixed fees in advance continue to underpin all of the different service models that we now offer.

Solon Legal Services Ltd was established to provide the appropriate business structure to handle the increasing demand generated for technical drafting and also to deliver the supervision, training and support services needed by the growing number of financial advisors who are working with us.

Solon offers a comprehensive range of estate planning services for clients based in England & Wales.

How we work

Our consultants offer a personalised home visit service, generally for clients living within one hours travel time of their location – providing expert advice about how to construct Wills and deal with other Estate Planning issues.

Solon also provides professional financial advisors with a range of services to enable them to be more actively engaged themselves in the provision of advice and legal documents for their clients.

Solon can provide IFA’s with accredited formal training and ready access to general everyday support and technical advice. Where advisors commit to undertaking the Solon Entry Training Program and to ongoing CPD in order to bnecome a consultant on our supervised affiliates scheme, we list them on the Solon web site and also provide them with professional indemnity cover as part of our comprehensive support package.

Drafting Services

We specialise in providing Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney; and in conjunction with our specialist external trust solicitor, inter vivos Property Protection Trusts, By-Pass Trusts, Declarations of Trust and associated conveyancing actions.

We welcome enquiries from members of the public, from business owners, shareholders and directors, from IFA’s and from financial services network organisations. Solon Legal Services Ltd are conscientious members of The Society of Will Writers.

Protect the future of your family today

Solon offers a complete estate planning service, covering all aspects of Wills, Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney. We can enable you to maximise the value of the legacy that you leave for your beneficiaries, avoiding unnecessary taxation and other pitfalls. We will also show you how to preserve, protect and provide for the ongoing management of assets intended for vulnerable beneficiaries such as young children. A meeting with a Solon consultant often identifies solutions to problems that you may not even have been unaware of, as well as solutions to problems that you may have believed would be simply too difficult to resolve.