The Society of Will Writers

The Society of Will Writers

Solon Legal Services happily complies with the Society of Will Writers Clients Charter, Code of conduct and disciplinary and complaints procedures.

All Solon members of staff and consultants who offer advice to clients or draft documents are either affiliate or full members of The Society of Will Writers (SWW)

In accordance with the rules of the SWW, Solon has appropriate professional indemnity insurance in place covering their actions.

The SWW inspects policy details and can be approached for confirmation via or tel 01522 687888.

Why should I use a Society member?

  • Members continue to train on a yearly basis undertaking a minimum of 24 hours CPD.
  • All of our members hold professional indemnity insurance with a minimal level cover of £2 million.
  • All of our members adhere to our code of practice and complaints procedure.
  • Members are admitted after a stringent and robust application process.
  • Members are entitled to technical support to ensure they offer the best service to their clients.
  • Members offer a statutory cooling off period of 14 days in accordance with the Consumer Contract Regulations.

SWW – History

The Society of Will Writers was established in 1994 as an independent body representing the professional Will Writer and the interests of the consumer.

Today, the Society is the largest trade body within our profession and has members throughout the world, especially where there are high concentrations of UK citizens living and working abroad.

Their Code of Practice, ethics and philosophy puts the consumer at the heart of our aims to ensure that through our membership you receive the very best of service.

Society of Will Writers members are Will-Writing specialists – not legal ‘general practitioners’.

Solicitors are not averse to people making their own Wills as they make more money out of sorting out the mess which many DIY Wills leave behind. Members of the Society of Will Writers don’t have this conflict of interest.

They deal almost exclusively with one area of law – succession planning – and as such, are best placed to offer specialist advice which ensures you receive the advice which is best for you.

Society members will also make you aware of the importance of appointing guardians should you have young children and executors and trustees to administer your estate.

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