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Solon Legal Services Ltd head office is location in Manchester but we work with clients in many parts of England & Wales.

We have a vastly experienced team of Solon consultants located across the country who are ready to provide you with the support and expertise you required.

Using the Solon Legal locator below simply enter your postcode or town name and search radius in miles to find your local Solon representative.

You can contact them directly to arrange an appointment or contact Solon head office and we can match you to your nearest Solon representative.

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Solon consultants

  • John Welsby M.B.A.  MSWW  SWWEPP (Solon Legal Services Ltd – Worsley, Manchester)
  • Andrew Lloyd Aff. SWW (Andrew Lloyd Sales Associates – Cardiff)
  • Andrij Stebiwka CeMAP Aff. SWW (Mortgage & Protection Services – Manchester)
  • Anthony O’Carroll Aff. SWW (Integrity Mortgages Ltd – Lancing, West Sussex)
  • Anthony Pierce Aff. SWW (Cunliffe Pierce Mortgage Services – Manchester)
  • Daniel Lyons Aff. SWW (Lyons Finance – Lewes)
  • Gareth Norris Aff. SWW (Lyons Finance – Lewes)
  • David Baaye Aff. SWW (Plus Financial Solutions – Northampton)
  • Dominic Booth Aff. SWW (Mercury Estate Planning – Leeds)
  • Edwina Sleight Aff. SWW (E.S Mortgage Services – Boston)
  • Martin Isaac Aff. SWW (Martin’s Financial Services – Peterbrough)
  • Paul Stanford Aff. SWW (Stanford Wills – West Sussex)
  • Stephen Maskens MSWW (As You Will – Thakeham)
  • Stuart Borthwick Aff. SWW (Dartmoor Financial LLP – Dartmoor)
  • Tony Carrington Aff. SWW (Excel Mortgage Services – Norwich)
  • Steven Westlake Aff. SWW (Westlake Mortgages – Enfield, London)
  • James Withers CeMap Aff. SWW (Man 4 Mortgages – Stratford-upon-Avon)
  • Jenifer Rutherford Aff. SWW (Step-Up Financial Services – Eastbourne)
  • David Espin Aff. SWW (Precious Lives – Warrington)

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