Make your wishes clear for your own sake and for the sake of those who care about you.

Even when their is no prospect of recovery it is often too much to bear for grieving relatives – and can become a source of conflict and disagreement.

Some clients take the view that if they were on a life support machine, unconscious, and with no prospect of ever recovering, that they would not want their life to be prolonged needlessly and pointlessly by medical intervention.

Many consider this prospect to be undignified for them and potentially stressful for their relatives.

An Advance Medical Directive, sometimes also referred to as a “living Will” is a simple low cost document in which you may express your preferences for treatment should such awful circumstances arise.

Doctors are informed by their professional body that they should give foremost consideration to wishes expressed by their patient at an earlier time when they had full capacity.

I myself have an advance medical directive myself. I simply pictured my own three adult daughters from my first marriage being present with my new wife and there being the possibility of the four of them not all being in agreement.

I just thought it would be so much easier if my own wishes were clearly expressed in advance. The last thing I would want, would be for those who I care about to fall out among themselves at a stressful time.

If you have a Lasting Power of Attorney Health and Welfare you will not need an Advance Medical Directive as this issue is one of many covered within that document.

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