Legal Empower Guardians

Parents should take the opportunity to legally empower those people who they would want to take on this role.

If this is not done the decision is ultimately in the hands of the Courts and Social Services.

Why is this important?

A guardian has parental responsibility and can make decisions about where a child lives, which school they attend etc in the same way that their parents would have done.

Although it is usually expected that children would live with their guardian(s) it is acceptable for the guardian to decide that they can live elsewhere (it is not unknown for parents to send their children to boarding school or to live with another family member) but importantly they remain in charge.

If your children are from an earlier relationship it is important to remember that by making a guardianship appointment you cannot take away parental responsibility from an ex-husband or ex-partner; but if they do not choose to act, die themselves or are the subject of a court decision which prevents them, then the person(s) you appoint will have the necessary authority to take over.

Plan ahead for the unexpected

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