Solon Legal Services provide a low cost, efficient, fixed fee professional service offered in conjunction with Probate & Trustee Services Limited.

Alternatively Solon Legal Services can provide assistance for executors in preparing and completing probate application forms PA1 and IHT205 or IHT400.

How It Works

A Solon representative will visit you and gather all of the detailed information together which is used to make up the case file and explain timescales and likely costs and the meaning of any Will or lack of one if this is unsure.

The case file is forwarded to the Trust Corporation and they supply you directly with a cost for undertaking the work.

If you are happy to proceed then the Trust Corporation simply gets on with the work and you have your own case officer (in addition to ourselves) who you can speak to at any time to check on progress etc, if you decide not to proceed your documents are returned to you without any charge.

Because the Trust Corporation’s fees are fixed, they always strive to complete the task efficiently and quickly. Clients do feel relieved not to have the burden of dealing with probate, particularly if the estate is complicated or contentious and importantly where clients have sought competitive quotations from other providers the cost saving has usually been quite dramatic.

Plan ahead for the unexpected

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